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Are you a veteran who had their home affected due to the flood? If you're a veteran or know a veteran who was affected because of the flood, all you have to do is submit a form here at and Provide 4 Others will match you with donors and volunteers to assist you rebuild your home and get back on your feet.

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Hurricane Harvey caused more economic damage than any other natural disaster in US history, with a total estimated repair value of $190 billion USD. People affected by the flood are still trying to recover from their losses. Harvey Support helps Houstonians rebuild their homes and get back on their feet as soon as possible. In Harris county alone 68 thousand properties were affected by the flood and 30 thousand people were forced into temporary shelter and have limited to no resources to begin the rebuilding process.

We have helped over 100 victimized families with their demolition, now we can start rebuilding. We do everything from sheetrock, insulation, tools to key materials such as a kitchen sink, toilet, plumbing fixtures and much more. If you’re a veteran whose home was affected by the flood all you need to do is submit your information here and we will begin the process of rebuilding your home right away. Visit our page to learn further about ways to help and share this post to help spread the message.

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