Georgia Galarza

This is Georgia Garza's home. The water came up about 4 ft and destroyed everything at the Galarza residence. They have lived here over 15 years. A lot of the furniture was lost. All the cabinets and bathrooms were ruined. The condo had water for about 10 days.

Georgia is 76 years old and suffered from a stroke last December and has been struggling with her memory for a while.  Memory loss lead to her failing to renew her flood insurance. Her sister Carmen lives with her. She is disabled due to an accident as well. She suffers from epilepsy, depression, and Parkinson's. She is currently hospitalized due to a back surgery. She was admitted on September 8. Their only income is social security. They have a niece that has been helping them in any way possible.  

Please help them get their place back in order. 

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