Adopt-a-Home Program

Adopt a Home     Adopt a Home (Veteran)

To better serve the needs of the community as we move into the long-term process of rebuilding Houston and outlying areas, we are initiating the Adopt-a-Home program.

Community donations are sent right where they are needed. We work to bring together donors, volunteers, and hurricane victims to bring homes back up to living standards. Through this program, donors may select a home and household they wish to help from our database. With a single donation, the Harvey Support team gathers the necessary supplies and volunteers. They are then brought to the chosen home to begin the rebuild process. It's simple.

Need Help? Join the program:

Joining the Adopt-a-Home program is simple. First, fill out the form below so that we will have a better understanding of your situation and needs. One of our representatives will be in contact with you as soon as possible to get you set up with a home profile for donors to view. When a donor selects your home, we will notify you and quickly head over to begin the rebuilding process. Being part of the Adopt-a-Home program is completely FREE. We will never ask you for any payment information or any contact information beyond what is needed to set you up in the system.

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The following questions are used to assess the kind of help you will need. Your answers will not affect your ability to join the Adopt-a-Home program and are simply used to better understand your situation. Please answer accurately and completely.

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*Are you a veteran? YesNo
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*Are you, or anyone living in this home, over the age of 65? YesNo

Size of Home (in sq. ft.):

If you can, please email the following to:
Picture of the Outside of the Property, Inside of the Property, and You/Homeowner (for identification purposes)

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Want to Adopt a Home?

Take a home under your wings. With a single cash donation of $2500, $5,500, or $10,000 Under Our Wings will organize the proper personnel and equipment to get a home back to livable status all the way to full build-out. The donation covers supplies, including sheetrock, insulation, tools, and key materials such as a kitchen sink, toilet, and plumbing fixtures ($2,500 = 1,200 sq. ft.). Volunteers will assist in the demolition and rebuilding processes.

Adopt a Home     Adopt a Home (Veteran)