Adopt a Home

Take a home under your wings. With a cash donation of $2500, $5,500, or $10,000 Under Our Wings will organize the proper personnel and equipment to get a home back to livable status all the way to full build-out. The donation covers supplies, including sheetrock, insulation, tools, and key materials such as a kitchen sink, toilet, and plumbing fixtures ($2,500 = 1,200 sq. ft.). Volunteers will assist in the demolition and rebuilding processes. Help a family or individual get back on their feet after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.
Browse our database of homes that are waiting for adoption:
  • Gloria Quintero

    Gloria Quintero

    This is Gloria Quintero's home. She is a single-parent senior living with her kids. Gloria’s home was flooded 32 inches. Through…

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  • Maria Alverez

    Maria Alverez

    This is Maria Alvarez. She is a 19 year-old living with her parents, elderly grandmother, and two young siblings in their…

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  • Santos Hernandez

    Santos Hernandez

    This is Santos Figueroa Hernández's home. She is a mother living with her family. Santos’ home was flooded 38 inches. Through…

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  • Chaz Johnson

    Chaz Johnson

    This is Chaz Johnson. He is a homeowner living with a senior citizen. Chaz’s home was flooded 26 inches. They love Houston…

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  • Georgia Galarza

    Georgia Galarza

    This is Georgia Garza's home. The water came up about 4 ft and destroyed everything at the Galarza residence. They have…

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  • Charles McMurtrey

    Charles McMurtrey

    This is Charles McMurtrey. He is a veteran living with his own. Charles’ home was flooded 30 inches. Through the Provide4Others…

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  • Derek Hee

    Derek Hee

    This is Derek Hee. His home was flooded 24 inches. Derek is a veteran living with his autistic 23-year-old daughter, the one…

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  • Ramona Guevara

    Ramona Guevara

    This is Ramona Guevara's home. She is a veteran single-parent living with her kids. Ramona’s home was flooded 33 inches. Through…

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  • Jaime Salazar

    Jaime Salazar

    This is Jaime Salazar's home. He is a single-parent, senior citizen and living with his child. Jamie’s home was flooded…

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  • Barbara Wilson

    Barbara Wilson

    This is Barbara Wilson's home. Her home was flooded 34 inches. Through the Provide4Others initiative, the Under Our Wings team…

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  • Dottie McConnell

    Dottie McConnell

    This is Dottie McConnell. She is a single-parent senior and retired Texas public school teacher, who spends her time volunteering…

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  • Kimberly Lewis

    Kimberly Lewis

    This is Kimberly Lewis. She is a veteran living with her kids. Kimberly's home was damaged when the roof caved…

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