Tips to Help You Through The Claims Process

These 6 tips will make your claims process easier:
  • Contact your insurer. Begin the process by contacting your insurer. The insurer will need your policy number, phone number and email address. They will also need to know the best time to contact you. Once it is safe to begin the inspection process, insurers will visit those with the most severe damage first based on the order that the claims were filed. Be sure to express to your insurer any special needs or unique circumstances that require your household receive priority. It is best to ask your insurer for an expected date or time frame regarding when you will be contacted by your insurance adjuster. Consider getting the contact information of your insurance adjuster’s supervisor in case you need additional assistance. Contact your flood insurance provider to begin filing your claim for flood damage.
  • Record any damages. In most cases, the insurance adjuster will need to inspect damage to your home, vehicle and other possessions in order to write a check. Collect any receipts, take pictures and record specifics pertaining to damaged possessions, including when you purchased the items and their approximate value. A solid list will make the process easier as companies usually request an inventory of damaged items.
  • Before you toss damaged items, talk to your insurer. Your insurance adjuster will most likely need to see any damaged possessions. If local laws require you discard damaged items for health and safety reasons, make sure you have pictures of the items to show the adjuster.
  • Sign up for mobile notifications. Companies will often use SMS/text message notifications to update you on the status of your claim. They will send you a text message when you report your claim, when your estimate is available and when they send your payment.
  • Take advantage of emergency services. If you need to remove water from your home, board up windows or doors, or cover your roof, your insurer may be able to assist you. Companies are usually connected with reputable emergency services companies that will do those things for you. Insurers will also provide you with funds to find living accommodations if your home is extremely damaged.
  • Journal your claims process. It is imperative to keep detailed records while working with insurers. Document every person you discuss your claim with including their name, title, and contact information. Record the date, time and what you talked about. Stay organized to make the claims process easier.

Click here for more information (FEMA).

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