• Adopt a Home

    Take a home under your wings!

    It's easy to help with a single cash donation of $2,500, $5,500, or $10,000. Under Our Wings will organize the proper personnel and equipment to get a home back to livable status. The donation covers supplies, including sheetrock, insulation, tools, and key materials such as a kitchen sink, toilet, and plumbing fixtures. Volunteers will assist in the demolition and rebuilding processes.

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  • Do You Need Assistance?

    We can help with filing a claim, demolition of damaged homes, and/or rebuilding.

    If you need help, get connected with our network of volunteers and donors. Our goal is to get your home back to livable status so that you and your family can get back to your lives.

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  • Help us Provide 4 Others

    Volunteers Needed

    We need to go to shelters, file claims, contact loved ones, and help Houstonians get back on their feet.

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  • Spreading our Wings to Reach the Community

    Our goal is to facilitate the filing of insurance claims for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

    Thousands of families have lost their homes to floodwaters. They are currently in shelters with limited resources. Waiting times for claims can exceed 2 hrs and limited internet access and power cycles makes the process that much more difficult. Our program uses volunteers to help the policyowner obtain a claim number and get in line as quickly as possible.

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Helping Harvey Victims

We believe every family deserves a chance to get their life back in order. While thousands are in shelters and have limited internet access and phone service we have created a team of volunteers across the nation that will help initiate their insurance claim process. We are also organizing teams across the city to help with the repairs on homes that have been damaged and the homeowners do not have insurance. 

Get Involved

We need donations, sponsors, and volunteers on the phones and online
Thousands of claims are being processed and many of the most devastated victims are not able to get a claim number because they do not have access to the internet, cellphone coverage, dropped calls, and are suffering from shock.

Get Aid

Get help with from team of volunteers.
We will collect your information and begin the legwork to get your home back in order. The service is free for Harvey victims.

Important Links

Resources and Links to help in this difficult time.
We will try to keep you updated with the latest information about the weather, shelters, and resources available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stay informed! Let us help.
Our program is helping thousands in Houston during the Harvey Floods. Learn how the program works.

Get involved:


The Under Our Wings Initiative Provide 4 Others focuses on strengthening the foundation of our community. We are in need of funding to keep helping the families that need to file for their insurance, find a place to live, and get their life back in order. Sponsoring these families gives them a second chance. Our adopt a home program will let you know exactly who you are helping in the community.

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Simply put, your donation will help cover the costs of helping families get back on their feet.  We are covering the costs of filing, mailing, transportation, and resources needed to get them back on their feet. Your donation will make an impact, every dollar makes a difference.

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The more volunteers, the better! Volunteering with us will help us provide more families with the aid they need to get back on their feet.  We have opportunities both in Houston, TX and remote. Explore your volunteer opportunities!

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